What’s the difference between your products and those offered by pharmacies?

The difference is in the fact that our products are specially designed for use by professionals. This means, for instance, that our products are manufactured with the use of special concentrations, recipes and ingredients. Each and every product yields only the best results. You can find detailed information about this on our blog “3 Differences between hair products sold by hairdressers and those sold by pharmacies”.

Can I suggest a brand that is not yet part of your range?

Of course! We can’t guarantee anything, but we’re always open to suggestions for expanding our range to provide an even better service to our customers. So feel free to email brand suggestions to customerservice@haarshop.nl at any time. Thanks!

What is Haarshop.nl’s pricing policy?

In today’s free market, all retailers of professional hair, beauty and nail products have their own pricing policies. The same applies to us. Our range is competitively priced. We even offer the best available prices when it comes to many products, but this unfortunately doesn’t apply to all products.


This is because our pricing policy is based on factors that include the best possible continuity of our range. In other words, we do whatever we can to avoid having to say ‘no’ to our customers. As a result, we only purchase stock directly from our selection of permanent, reliable suppliers and do not purchase residual batches, so our range is always guaranteed to be top-quality.