Below you'll find an overview of our frequently asked questions.

How do I return a product?

To do this, you must complete our Return Form. Place this, along with (1) the product and (2) a copy of your proof of purchase, in a package. If you’ve discarded the original packaging and protective material in which the product was sent, you’ll have to obtain replacement packaging and protective material. Carefully package the return form, your proof of purchase and the product and send it to:



FAO Customer services department

Ratio 16-B

6921 RW Duiven

The Netherlands


Haarshop.nl cannot be held liable for parcels that do not arrive at Haarshop.nl. You should therefore consider sending the return as registered and insured. Also make sure that you pay sufficient postage for the parcel, because we otherwise cannot accept delivery of it.


We will process your return within 3-5 working days.

Are products purchased from Haarshop.nl covered by a warranty?

This differs as per product category. There are roughly 2 categories of products available from Haarshop.nl:


  1. Colour charts or consumable items (e.g. shampoo, wax, gel, etc.)
  2. Tools (e.g. hairdressing scissors, straighteners, curling tongs, etc.)


Colour charts and consumable items are not covered by any warranty

The following applies in terms of warranties on tools:


A 2-year warranty covers all electronic products. MaxPro and ISO Pro products are covered by lifetime warranties, as long as you register your product using the registration card supplied with the product.


Clippers are covered by a full warranty, with the exception of parts subject to wear, such as blades and batteries.


Balmain Extensions are covered by a 6-month warranty, as long as you use Balmain haircare products.


Scissors are always carefully checked for defects by the supplier. If you receive defective scissors, you must return them within 2 working days. We will provide you with new scissors. If this 2-day period is exceeded, we will return the scissors to the supplier for inspection. You will be responsible for covering any possible costs incurred during the aforementioned process.


Possible warranties are valid from the date on your proof of purchase. This proof of purchase is therefore essential in order to claim your warranty.

Can I make changes to my order?

Yes, as long as it hasn’t yet been processed or dispatched.


Please bear in mind that this can result in delivery delays. Here’s an example: if you’d like a more expensive product, an extra payment will be necessary and your changed order will only be dispatched once we’ve received your payment.


If you’d like to change your order, please contact our Customer Service department.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can. There are 2 possible scenarios:


  1. Your order is still in the possession of Haarshop.nl.
  2. You have already received your order.


1. Your order is still in the possession of Haarshop.nl

If you’ve placed an order and your product hasn’t yet been dispatched, you can simply cancel your order. To do this, please contact our customer service department.


Please note: If you have bought the product that you’d like to cancel using a personal discount code, please inform the customer service department. Your discount code won’t be honoured, but we’ll issue you with a new personal discount code.


If the customer service department is closed, please email us (info@haarshop.nl) or contact the customer service department when it reopens.


You may want to cancel an order in the evening when the customer service department is closed, but your order might be dispatched in the meantime. In such a case, you can return the order free of charge. But please contact our customer service department first.


2. You’ve already received your order.

If you’ve already received your order but would like to cancel it, the returns procedure must be followed. You can find all the information necessary for returning your order here.

My order has been dispatched, but I haven’t received it yet. What should I do?
  1. We recommend that you first check whether you can locate your order using your tracking code. You’ll find it in your shipment confirmation. Below are the webpages where you can enter your tracking code:
  2. If tracking your order hasn’t solved the problem, make sure that 2 working days have passed in addition to the below delivery times. Your delivery time started when you received a dispatch confirmation from us.
  3. If more than 2 working days have passed in addition to the standard delivery time, please contact us.

So that we can help you as quickly as possible, please have your OrderID handy.



Delivery time

The Netherlands

1-2 Working days

Belgium, Germany & Luxemburg

1-2 Working days

UK, Denmark, France, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Montenegro, Sierra Leone, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Portugal & Cyprus

2-5 Working days

Zwitserland, Noorwegen, Ierland, San Marino, Letland & Estland

2-6 Working days

USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

6-8 Working days

Other countries

6-15 Working days