Terms & Conditions

Chamber of Commerce
Haarshop.nl is a part of G.P. Company in Duiven The Netherlands.
Chamber of Commerce
in Arnhem, file number 09154740.

Order confirmation
On weekdays (Monday till Friday) you will receive a
confirmation of your order within 24 hours.
As soon as your payment is received you will receive
 a shipping notification.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us
on +31 (0) 26 321 09 66 during weekdays.
You can also contact us by mail: customerservice@haarshop.nl

In case you are not satisfied with our service or delivered products,
we will try to solve this in an orderly manner.
If you have any complaints please send an email
to the following address: customerservice@haarshop.nl
or phone +31 (0) 26 321 09 66

General guarantee
In case you receive a damaged product,
you can apply to our guarantee arrangement.
Send an email to the following address:
or phone ++31 (0) 26 321 09 66